Each year the North Reading Community Chorale grants scholarships to two graduating North Reading High School seniors.

We feel strongly that we can play a role through scholarships to encourage deserving students to pursue their love of music as they continue their education.

Funding for these awards comes from the proceeds of our productions and especially through contributions from our most valued supporters. With their help and our mission to bring quality music to the community, we hope to continue to bestow these well deserved awards.

Recent Recipients


2015 – Olivia Krol and Montanna Robertson

2014 – Kristen Diamantides and Jennifer MacNeil

2013 – Christopher McAneny and Janelle Yull
2012 – Brittany Leonard and Leanne McNall
2011 – Courtney Smith and Andrew Tighe
2010 – Maryn Burns and Joe Perullo
2009 – Patrick Wicker and Declan Geoffrion-Scannell
2008 – Brian Berkowitz and Maura Guthrie
2007 – Ryan Hilliard and Amanda Gaspar
2006 – Jacob Street and Danielle Navish
2005 – Lindsey Corbin and Mathew Lorton

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